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Anemotech is an all-Italian company founded in 2014 with a clear mission: to research and develop products that improve quality of life. 
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In collaboration with Tiba Tricot, Anemotech has launched the innovative fabric, theBreath®, the first revolutionary, patented, green solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Quite simply, revolutionary technology — theBreath® is an innovative, patented fabric designed to trap and break down harmful particles in the air. This technology helps to combat household and outdoor air pollution produced by cars, heating and industrial emissions.

theBreath® is extremely efficient for use in enclosed environments, such as homes, schools, offices, hospitals and modes of transport, and in open spaces around our cities.

In commercial and residential buildings: as wall decoration, furniture and numerous other applications. The fabric reduces the polluting substances generated by heating systems and chemical products.

Along roads and motorways, on buildings, worksites, advertising systems, street furniture, road signs, fencing around works, and near air-conditioning units and boiler flues.

theBreath Anemotech ecoprogram flotte
theBreath® has passed product performance tests, earning important certifications:
ISO 16000-9

Test to determine the area-specific emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from newly produced building products or furnishings under defined climate conditions.

UNI 11247

Test to determine the degradation of nitrogen oxides in the air by inorganic photocatalytic materials.


Method for measuring the performance of domestic air purification systems.

ISO 18184:2019

Determination of the anti-viral action of textile products.

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by Anemotech

theBreath® captures pollution and cleans the air.