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e-automotive business

Ariel Car is the largest national sales network for traceable used company vehicles, offering the only cars with a controlled and guaranteed supply chain.
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Ariel Car is not a traditional dealership

It is the leading specialist in traceable used company vehicles. At Ariel Car, you will find:
  • ex-Long-Term Hire vehicles
  • single-owner company vehicles
  • used vehicles with a full service history, 100% traceable

The Ariel Car

  • 16 locations in 11 regions
  • 55,000 m2 of showroom space
  • more than 1,100 cars available every day
  • 10,250 used company cars sold last year
  • 2,473 affiliated dealerships for standard and supplementary guarantees.
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Traceable used company vehicles

These are the only cars with a controlled and guaranteed supply chain and complete history available.
  • Certified mileage: the number indicated is always accurate
  • Guarantee of no structural damage
  • Single previous owner
  • You have access to the full service history Additionally, information about the car is certified in the ID Card available for each vehicle.

For over 15 years, Ariel Car has
been an official partner
of Arval, Italy’s leading Long-Term Hire operator.