Culture of quality

Ecoprogram Flotte quality is the result of a circular system which is self-sustaining, thanks to strict organisation, and drives the company to constantly improve its services.

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Innovation and
service quality

A culture of quality and innovation are key concepts adopted by Ecoprogram Flotte. Quality not only means offering an impeccable service, but also, and above, all managing processes and successfully sharing them with personnel.

Training enables us to execute company procedures to the highest standards, managing complex and customised services and avoiding waste.

Culture of

Company management is focused on quality in business decisions and involves all employees, contributors, suppliers and customers that engage with its services.

The key elements for a culture of quality are responsibility, knowledge and training, which promote conduct rooted in collaboration and improvements that benefit all stakeholders.

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We are a networked yet
agile business, focused
on service quality, research and innovation, with more than 30 years of experience.