For a better future

WillPower has developed Pyroboiler, a closed-cycle biomass cogenerator that overcomes certain technical limits common amongst similar technology, focusing on application to reduce volumes of water treatment sludge.   
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The system


The system is small and can be housed in a standard 20″ container.
The process makes it possible to obtain a material, equivalent to carbon, which occupies a volume up to almost seven times less than the sludge introduced into the system.The majority of the energy required is self-generated during the extraction of the gaseous fraction from the organic content of the sludge.

The benefits

The benefits of Pyroboiler are clear:
  • the small size of the technology means it can be placed on-site where biomass waste is generated or collected
  • the majority of energy required for the conversion process is self-generated
  • the system makes it possible to reduce mass by up to 85%
  • the conversion process eliminates odour problems, preventing dispersion of the wet fraction that is evaporated.
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Pyroboyler represents the virtuous
implementation of circular economics.