Mobility with
complete freedom

Freedom Mobility, an official partner of Arval for over 15 years, is the division of Ecoprogram Flotte specialised in car hire for private customers, VAT-registered freelance professionals and small fleets, as well as the hire of courtesy cars for mechanics and garages.
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The benefits of
Freedom Mobility

  • Professional consultants, not call centres, ready to serve, customers personally,
  • Facilitators for all operating procedures during hire,
  • Option for pick-up of used vehicles,
  • Access to Arval services.

The 4 freedoms
of car use

Freedom Mobility guarantees four fundamental freedoms of car use.
  • Financial freedom: clear costs and deadlines, no large initial outlay or uncapitalised costs on accounts
  • Freedom of management: all-inclusive personalised solutions and 24/7 technical assistance in Italy
  • Freedom from surprises: no hidden costs in the event of an accident or fault and cover for multiple drivers
  • Freedom of choice: the car that the customer wants, without worrying about resale value and technological advancements.
libertà Freedom mobility ecoprogram flotte

official partner of Arval
for over 15 years.