A complete mobile home mechanic

Officlick was the first home mechanic service in Italy, launched in 2018, before the explosion of home deliveries.
officina mobile officlick ecoprogram flotte
Officlick is the brainchild of Ecoprogram CEO Gianluca Barabino, and it proved to be even more successful than he could have hoped, meeting a growing demand for customised services. Officlick is a complete mobile home mechanic service, fully equipped for all routine and unscheduled maintenance that vehicles may require during their lifetime.

20 m2, or two parking spaces, is enough for the specially trained personnel to operate in complete comfort, covered when necessary and with special attention to the surrounding environment.

All waste from mechanical work is collected, handled properly and disposed of in accordance with regulations, leaving the work area perfectly clean. 

officina mobile officlick ecoprogram flotte

The Benefits

Officlick services can be accessed easily and immediately from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Each operational phase is digitalised, allowing the customer to track the status of their booking and the work itself.

the first mobile home mechanic in Italy.