Software development in the automotive and logistics sector

Twenty years of software development and network infrastructure experience has been consolidated over the last ten years in the automotive and logistics sector through Ecoprogram Flotte.
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IT solutions

Our IT Engineering business unit, with its own in-house team, creates IT solutions and manages all on-site and cloud-based infrastructure.
Flexibility, which has always been a cornerstone of Ecoprogram Flotte IT systems, enables us to quickly adapt to the needs of customers and new orders.
We also pay particular attention to security and business continuity.
Certified business continuity and compliance with ISO 27001 processes are a guarantee that information is handled with the highest levels of care and security.


ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard defining the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), designed to guarantee adequate information security and privacy.

ISO 27001, integrated with the company’s ISO 9001 system, guarantees operational quality and appropriate management of information for all customer requirements.


Personnel are provided security awareness training on a continuous basis, ensuring that all operators follow best practices, strengthening information security.

Internal audits and a system of indicators measure the security levels achieved in relation to the targets set.

This is the recognised international standard of reference for quality management in any organisation aiming to simultaneously achieve effective and efficient internal processes and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Custom software
development to improve the service,
efficiency and boost business.

IT Engineering