Anemotech, Technology for All

The Italian company Anemotech S.r.l. is another brainchild of Gianluca Barabino, CEO of the Ecoprogram Group. It was founded with the aim of developing technologies to enhance people’s well-being, improving their quality of life and promoting a healthier environment. Based in Milan since 2014, we are part of the Ecoprogram group, which has been operating in the automotive and large-scale corporate hospitality facilities sector for over 30 years. In collaboration with Tiba Tricot, the Ecoprogram Group has launched the innovative theBreath® fabric, the first revolutionary, patented, green solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pure Vision

Because it’s more and more important to have a pure company vision. 

Ours is helping people to live in a healthier, safer and more sustainable environment.

Our mission is clear. We want to become a leading company in the creation and dissemination of technologies accessible to all, to respond to the most important needs of people all over the world: to improve quality of life, starting with the air we breathe.