Mobility and new services: the Officlick success story

From online purchases to order-in dinners, and even the weekly shop: the home-delivery market has grown exponentially in recent years.
In a trend which has been further accelerated by the pandemic, more and more people use their smartphones every day to access an infinite variety of products and services that are delivered to or provided in their own homes.

Home mechanic service

Anticipating the boom in home deliveriesOfficlick was launched in 2019 as the first home mechanic service in Italy.
The brainchild of Ecoprogram CEO Gianluca Barabino, it would prove to be even more successful than he could have hoped, meeting a growing demand for customised services.

The idea behind Officlick is a simple one: no more long queues at the tyre repair shop or wasting time at the garage, thanks to a home mechanic service that will come straight to you whenever you need it.

This is made possible by a full range of equipment that allows all routine and unscheduled maintenance to be carried out: from testing to tyre changes, and from windscreen replacements to re-gassing the air conditioning system.

With just one click on your phone, tablet or computer you can book an appointment at your own home, workplace, or wherever else you happen to be.
All the services offered by a “traditional” mechanic in just 20 m2.
That’s all the space that’s needed to work in.

The success of the service can be attributed to four vital factors: autonomycompletenessthe ability to work under any conditions, and respect for the environment.


One of the most important elements of the service is that there’s no need for a connection to water and electricity supplies. Thanks to modern, latest-generation equipment, all work can be carried out in complete autonomy.


Officlick’s service vans have been equipped to offer a complete and varied range of services to all types of vehicles: testing, windscreen replacements, re-gassing and cleaning air conditioning systems, tyre changes, vehicle dry cleaning, and full-vehicle check-ups using diagnostics services.

Ability to work under all conditions

There’s no space too small or weather too bad for our service to go ahead. The vans have been equipped to allow them to work during all seasons, under all weather conditions, and in any setting or situation (garages, areas with limited access).

Respect for the environment

All waste from mechanical work is collected and handled in accordance with legal regulations, so that the work area is left perfectly clean.

When it comes to the Officlick success story, numbers speak louder than words: in just three years, over 40,000 services have been performed by the 22 mobile mechanics active throughout Italy.

The world is changing, mobility is changing, and mobility-related services are changing too. Officlick has successfully anticipated a need and provided a solution to the growing demand for easily accessible and genuinely tailor-made services.