Ariel Car, the largest network of traceable used company vehicles

Ariel Car is NOT a traditional dealership

If you’re wondering what makes us different, the answer is simple: it’s the product and the benefits that we offer.

In fact, with Ariel Car:

instead of used cars of uncertain origins, you’ll find ex-long-term hire cars sourced from Arval

instead of used cars with lots of previous owners, you’ll find former company vehicles with just one previous owner

instead of used cars that you know nothing about, you’ll find 100% traceable vehicles with a full history

Ariel Car is the largest national sales network for traceable used company vehicles, the only cars with a controlled and guaranteed supply chain.

We know where each car comes from and all the details of its history before it reached you. And that means that all this information is available to you too, for maximum peace of mind.

The Ariel Car advantage:

  • 16 locations in 11 Italian regions
  • 55,000 m2 of showroom space
  • more than 1,100 cars available every day
  • 10,250 used company cars sold in 2019
  • 2,473 affiliated dealerships for standard and supplementary guarantees

Ariel Car has also been an official partner of Arval, Italy’s leading long-term hire operator, for 15 years.


We were established in 2005, but our story begins in 1989 when the Barabino family founded Ecoprogram, a company that immediately began operating in facilities management. Over time Ecoprogram continued to grow, entering the field of automotive logistics in 1995 and the logistical management of former long-term hire cars for Arval in 2002. Ariel Car effectively dates from when we first began selling retired vehicles in 2005, adding the necessary commercial structure to the logistical structure.

Ariel Car and Ecoprogram, 18 years of serving the automotive sector.